February 21, 2014

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Mariah carey tries to cover up album flop with baby hype Mariah's memoirs of an imperfect angel has been released.Judging by horrific first week sales, it's safe to say that mariah's musical career is pretty much finished.But mariah has always been a fighter by unethically deep discounting singles to the point where they are practically given away for free in order to guarantee a hit.This time, she's trying a new method. Mariah gives an in-Depth interview to in touch weekly in which she discusses her"Pregnancy. " "I'm going to be a mom! "The front cover shouts.The problem:Mariah is not really pregnant.It wouldn't surprise us sell at a discount if mariah suddenly becomes pregnant in order to boost album sales. What happened to the days when music stars actually promoted their work with talent?When mariah was able to sing-A very long time ago-She didn't need these fake fights with eminem and fake baby hype to sell a song.All mariah had to do was get up and let the voice come out.It's really sad how much things have changed. If you liked this article: Mariah carey:Fading star in deep discount crisis Mariah carey:New 'memoirs' album gets slammed by veteran critic Mariah carey:Fascinates audience with Tiffany Watches Shop oprah winfrey Mariah carey is tiffany sale:http://www.getoutofthemud.com/ a good role model for 'big' women What's up with the comment whitney fan?First off, i am sad a fellow diva fan is bashing mariah.Mariah and whitney fans need to stick together, our divas are the only ones with talent.Second of all, as a gay mariah fan who has met her, i can say mariah herself is far from homophobic(She has a gay pr person, just to handle her gay pr people, whit doesn't have one of those--And mc just did an interview for the gay press), and considering half of Mariah's hardcore lambs are gay, I can say that we are FAR from homophobic as well.Why do we have to hate on mariah so much?She truly cares about her fans and she is just making music she loves to make.If you don't like her music, then don't buy it and move on.Don't be hateful, love conquers hate. This article, as well as that ugly heffa sue who wrote it, is complete garbage and absolutely retarded.To even imply that mariah would this page make her personal life a publicity stunt is completely ridiculous.She's one of the last people that need cheap publicity.Who you should really be checking is these other fake ass celebs out here who have absolutely nothing going for them(Heidi spencer montag, kardashians and all them other cheap fame hoes)Check your facts and recognize who u talking about next time you decide to talk mess about mariah, dumba**! Stop all of the mariah hating.It's bad to constantly bash an artist or person in this fashion.It just shows how jealous you are.When you're more mature or older, you'll look back at how ridiculous and bad you were. Also, every artist/entertainer has his/her highs and lows--That's how the business or life is.An artist doesn't stay hot or on top forever.That's just like beyonce.She's super hot right now and the talk of the town.In a few years, she'll be out and replaced by someone younger and hotter and we'll go through this whole cycle again.I thought we would never have another whitney or mariah and christina aguilera, kelly price, jennifer hudson came along, etc. Hey!I'd just like to say your professionalism in the journalism industry is so low!I'm really embarrassed for you!As a graduate in journalism myself you really have bad standards.This article was done before the album even came out, so how you can talk about sales is completely un evident. Also you do not realise that mariah carey has gave her whole life to the industry and has only recently built a personal life with a husband.If she wants to make a family it'll be because she wants to!Not to sell more records.

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